Why Choose Us

From our inception as a quality control and development company to the design and manufacturing specialist we have become today, the question of how can we create striking, durable and affordable designs remains at the core of everything we do.

The Donata difference is in our passion for design and our pursuit for perfection. With ever-changing fashions and technical advancements, our mission is to provide clients with better quality furniture than they ever thought possible. In reality, that goal will never be truly complete – but that’s precisely what drives us. 

Affordable excellence

We don’t just believe in developing great design and producing elegant furnishings, but also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – why shouldn’t innovation and refinement be affordable too? 

The answer is that it should be, so what we offer our clients are unique and expertly made items, that rival high-end names in specification, appearance and quality – but without the price-tag.

If you’re wondering how we can achieve what may seem like the impossible, it goes back to our care and attention philosophy – we focus on the details that others overlook to make sure each stage of the design and manufacturing process is executed correctly. And this dedication is reflected in both the refinement and affordability of our finished pieces. 

Design for the future

When it comes to our values, meeting the needs of our clients is at our very core, so we continue to provide a flexible service that centres around them. Many customers know exactly what they want when they come to us, and we carefully design and craft items to fulfil their brief. Others rely on us for initial inspiration too and are always thrilled when we succeed in transforming their vision into a reality.

Over the years, we have become renowned for our forward-thinking and championing of the latest innovative engineering techniques. So whilst we remain dedicated to lasting style over fleeting fashion trends, keeping up with the latest technologies enables us to take our designs to the next level.

This means our furniture isn’t just created for now – by combining engineering advancements with contemporary design, we make future-ready products that are built to last, yet still affordable.



At Donata we are just as proud of our partners as we are of our products. We believe that by collaborating with people who share our passion and goals, we can continue to organically grow and develop both our creativity and brand.

We’ve built our client base over the past ten years, producing exclusive collections and now supply our top-quality products to retailers around the world.

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