Our Story

Our story began in 2007, arising from one simple question: how can we create great design, that is built to last, at an affordable price?

Pursuing the answer has remained at the very core of Donata ever since – from our origins as a third-party quality control and development company, to the international design and manufacturing specialist we have become today. 

Whilst it may be seen as an afterthought by many, we believe that furniture should be the focal point of a room. So, by combining beautiful designs with premium materials and expert craftsmanship, we pour our passion into creating pieces that can achieve this.

Doing things differently

We are driven by a fervour for brilliant design and do not believe in settling for the status quo. This means that for each product that we craft, there are a number of fundamental questions we always ask:

  1. Does the design excite us?
  2. Would we want it in our house?
  3. Does it drive us to develop the company even further? 

And unless the answer to these is yes, we will continue working on the product until it fulfils our rigorous standards.

Creativity and care

International inspiration lies at the heart of Donata, and we incorporate distinctive style and high-end materials from across the world into our pieces. This cosmopolitan approach is further enhanced by our multi-cultural team, where we have cultivated an environment that not only appreciates and respects diversity but encourages it throughout the company.

And by sourcing premium-grade materials from all corners of the globe, our dynamic designers, technicians and craftsmen work closely together to create striking and transitional hand-finished pieces, with our vision etched into every single item.

At Donata, we don’t believe in rushing – we pride ourselves on keeping a careful eye on detail and taking the time we need to create unique hand-finished pieces, ensuring we achieve the look and refinement towards which we always strive.

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